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How effective is your sales team?


Each of your sales executives are different and perform differently because of their styles and where they are at in their careers. However, all sales executives do end up falling into some type of stage and once diagnosed you can better understand what makes them tick and what steps you need to take to improve performance.

Do these phases sound familiar?

  • The Dead Zone – No longer has an interest – just needs a check
  • The Depression Zone – Nothing is good, nothing is right, they don’t do things right around here.
  • The Comfort Zone – Good enough is good enough – I will put in my time today and do what I need to do but no more.
  • The Panic Zone – A lot of work but a lot of mistakes – needs guidance and help
  • The Stretch Zone – Above and beyond – can always find a way to do more

(Stages cited by Sales Coaching by Linda Richardson, Richardson Sales Training Institute)

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