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Manage the way your audience perceives your brand.

06-agency-smallA strong and positive brand means additional revenue. A weak and unmanaged one means failure. Understand what your brand currently means, what it can become, and how adding that knowledge to your marketing effort means success.

Own the Subconscious
Too many companies think that getting their name out is the same as growing their brand. It isn’t true. Getting a name out that has no important meaning to the audience achieves nothing. What is it that the audience thinks when they see your name? What value does it represent to them? Your branding message should deliver a statement that speaks to what the audience needs, then associates your name with that solution.

Think of a brand as a personality. It is hard to put into words, but as soon as you see someone, you have an instant and detailed impression of them. The same kind of unspoken impression comes from every brand, including yours, whether you have worked to build it, or if it grew on its own. After all, no one escapes having a personality. It may be weak, it may be negative, but it exists.

Your Brand Means Money
In the case of a product or company’s brand, a strong and positive one means revenue. It represents the one true solution to a problem they face, more than just a product they settle for as compared to others. Every time you address the audience, the meaning behind your brand should be advanced. Don’t spend another dollar on advertising until you are confident in your brand, and willing to shout it from the highest mountain.

The 99 Percent
No matter how successful the campaign, 99% of the people who see your ad don’t buy your product. But they do see your ad. Whether they want to or not, they are developing an impression of your brand. Make sure those 99% understand your value. That way, when they are ready to buy, you already own a strong and positive position in their minds. You will have the inside track at the most important point of their buying process.

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