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Sales Optimization


Alignment is critical to create efficient execution, energized employees and positive forward thinking cultures that achieve maximum results. Leaders create great culture through education, communication, direction and empowerment. In an eleven year 200 company study by Harvard business school professors, firms with positive culture grew by 682% compared with the 166% growth of firms with weak culture.


Are your sales rep’s engaged, empowered and energized? How are they compensated? Does your compensation plan motivate for the correct behaviors and mix of sales needed? Are they selling price or value? Are they quoting or proposing? CCG will provide an experienced review of your sales team and educate with an innovative & critical thinking sales process. We cover important interactive sales cycle events like; assignment focus, conducting an interactive needs analysis, engaged presenting, effective proposals, win/win negotiating and managing the process. Your sales reps will sell more and more profitably and we will also provide the manager with coaching for ongoing direction.


A strong brand will build confidence, optimism, respect and an emotional relationship with those who interact with it. CCG will work with you on revitalizing your BRAND. We will also review your product offering and reinvigorate existing products and services while creating new ones to expand on your offering and your customer’s performance. CCG also provides direction on multi-channel and integrated services that expand the range of print. We provide Private/White Label services like creative, list services, online/web and digital solutions that will improve your customer’s results and make you an all-star as a marketing partner.


Tired of competing on price? What do your customers need? What are your competitors not doing? How do you expose their weaknesses? What should you be doing and where should you be investing? CCG will conduct a market and competitive SWOT analysis to provide you with competitive advantage that will increase your position and share of wallet.

We produce sales & marketing videos like the recognition and Product video’s above.

Are your reps selling the right mix of business? Do they know what the best mix is? Are you doing the same quotes all the time? “FIT” is an investigative and collaborative process with all departments to improve on what you produce and when. It will improve efficiency, competitive advantage, the customer experience and overall profitability. Need a new business focus – CCG provides a comprehensive Lead Generation service.