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The Science of Art


“Creative”: the term itself implies an artistic procession of grand ideas, until we hit upon that one gem that propels you to marketing’s heights. It is no such thing. Creative is a scientific process where a series of prescribed steps are followed, while respecting a number of design and conceptual restrictions. The tight landscape left for creativity is far more narrow than one likes to think.
A marketer has to be sure the creative contains news, excitement and a strong call to action, while advancing your brand promise for the long-term. The ad has to sell the problem as critical, before becoming the solution to it. Responders and non-responders will begin to relate to the problem you solve, and will be more receptive to subsequent offers when they understand what makes you different.

It is a tricky process, and one easily ignored when a list/offer combination lead to immediate success. But to ignore it will leave certain additional success on the table on subsequent programs. Once the low-hanging fruit has been harvested, you’ll be left without a strong market presence when one could have easily been established for only the price of attention. Poorly planned creative costs the same as well branded creative, but the price of misguided creative is quite high in the long term.

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